(Meanwhile at the admin's base)

Jillips: Phsyco, What aree you doing

Phsycobilly: (Insert billy furiously programming Spooky's House Of Jumpscares here)

TheBaldEagle: she has been programming all day dont ask why

(Meanwhile on the battlefield)

TheGuyNamedTom: I shall UNF*CK this map.

Good DemopanV2 has automaticly been asigned to XxX_MLG_BLUE_TEEM_XxX

MangledmeddlingmetalV2 has automaticly been asigned to XxX_MLG_BLUE_TEEM_XxX

TheGuyNamedTom (Insert quickscope rifle icon here) DMBYV2

DMBYV2 Has automaticly been asigned to ded

TheGuyNamedTom: I see why this map is f*cked up

TheGuyNamedTom: there is too much memes in the center of this map

TheGuyNamedTom (Insert epic MLG Weapon here) Illuminati, Success Kid, Over 9000, Air Horn

(Map becomes unf*cked)

MangledmeddlingmetalV2: Dang you Tom

MangledmeddlingmetalV2 (Insert MLG Rifle icon here) TheGuyNamedTom

TheGuyNamedTom has automaticly been asigned to ded

Springy BoyV3 has automaticly been asigned to xXx_MLG_RED_TEEM_xXx

Springy BoyV3: We must rekt every skrub

Lebunnie: Time to destroy all of this

Lebunnie (Insert cannonball icon here) BLUE_TEEM_BASE

MangledmeddlingmetalV2: Our base is ded

MangledmeddlingmetalV2: Sh*t


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