TheGuyNamedTom was automaticly asigned to XXX_FISH_WARRIORS_XXX

Canton Great was automaticly asigned to xXx_MLG_RED_TEEM_xXx

Good Demopan: We shall rekt these skrubs

Mangledmeddlingmetal: agree

DMBY: I know where you are skrubs

Good Demopan: You know what makes me a good demopan?

Good Demopan (Insert pan icon here) DMBY

DMBY has automaticly been asigned to ded

Springy Boy: you screwed up m8

DMBY: i am going to unded myself

(DMBY Hacks into TheCatstrophe's account and becomes unded)

TheCatstrophe has automaticly been asigned to GOD_TEEM

Canton Great: This is strange

Canton Great: I thought TheCatstrophe left forever

DMBY: LMAO i have ful-

DMBY was hit by Lord Gaben with the VAC Ban hammer

DMBY Lost control of TheCatstrophe's account

DMBY: God damnit

Mangledmeddlingmetal: Holy crap that fish guy is firing at us

TheGuyNamedTom: Git rekt u skrubs

Mangledmeddlingmetal: hmm

Mangledmeddlingmetal meddles metal

TheGuyNamedTom: Wat r u doing

Mangledmeddlingmetal (Insert quickscope rifle icon here) TheGuyNamedTom

TheGuyNamedTom has automaticly been asigned to ded

Phsycobilly: Where the f*ck is lebunnie he is supposed to be here is he lazy

Lebunnie: What the hell do you need Phsyco

Phsycobilly: idk

Lebunnie: k

Lebunnie (Insert quickscope rifle icon here) Good Demopan

Good Demopan has automaticly been asigned to ded


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