I'm not sure what to think here. Apparantly, People still think genders are important. That's answered by this pointless answer: "Mangle is the only one without a gender" And that's it. Now i'm really tired of these blog posts. And there isn't a single one that isn't a gender debate one without scrolling down in the blog posts.

Does Mangle's gender affect the story? No. Does Mangle's gender affect the game? No. And does Mangle's gender affect itself? Yes.

These gender debates only affect the animatronic itself. It's pointless. Stop these gender debate blogs. Even if i'm gonna go ahead and get myself hate for this. Just stop these gender debates blog posts. And refer it as whatever you want. I'm not gonna get involved into another gender debate blog post at all.

Also, People cannot find important blog posts at all. :L

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