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  • I live in Canada
  • My occupation is MMF2 Developer
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    Proof I am not dead

    December 12, 2015 by LeQuote

    You have now seen prove I am not dead.

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    Ever wondered why anti-debate had only 2 slots? Let me confirm the following characters:


    Vern's Ghost

    Also I may make the menu when I can.

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    I am bringing back this cold case, I have contacted Wikia to help Dark Fredbear and Ligalig get their main accounts back.

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    I call it: Project Debate Wars,

    Currently, I am doing a request blog thing, If you want to be on team debater/anti-debater then tell it in the comments,

    Current slots for anti-debaters: 1

    Current slots for debaters: 0

    There are also 3 characters a part of the game's story:

    Only 2 of them are confirmed, I have a slot for one.

    Current characters a part of the story:


    The Man (The Man's name will be revealed when the full game is released)

    The slot for the character a part of the story is restricted for people on this Wiki that how to code.

    The development of this game will begin when all slots are taken, Good time to get them now!

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    December 4, 2015 by LeQuote

    Because I really am losing intrest in FNaF.

    I feel like I shouldn't be here anymore, I wanna focus more on playing games more due to this Wiki eating up 60% of my day.

    I am not leaving, I will just make blogs less and comment less,

    But The inactivity might stop if you guys are going to be hyped for a project I may work on, A tease for it will be a bit soon.

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