• Lbug257

    FNaF 4 Trailer Thoughts

    July 18, 2015 by Lbug257

    The Trailer has been seen a lot. Over 4 million people have watched it.

    I'm going to give what I think parts are.

    It seems you will be playing as a child or very small adult. I think child.

    There is very scary animatronics and a PlushTrap. I think this happens after the fire at Fazbear's Frights because SpringTrap wasn't found out about till 30 years after the closing over Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria and for a mini SpringTrap to be in the game means it must have happened after Fazbear's Frights.

    I think you bought the toys and animatronics (if they are really there) when they were selling what survived the fire at Fazbear's Frights.

    There maybe will be mini games. If you noticed when you saw PlushTrap, the timer was counting down from 50 and chan…

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  • Lbug257

    What about these kid?

    June 17, 2015 by Lbug257

    Everyone knows about the five kids killed and turn into the animatronics, but what about the other two?

    One poster in the first game talks about 5 kids disappearing.

    Another poster talks about two disappearing.

    We know where five went, but not the other two.

    Any ideas on them?

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  • Lbug257

    Everyone knows the teaser out right now. The purple hat and bowtie.

    Down in the bottom right corner it says 'Property of' then I can't see anymore.

    Can someone find out if there is a name there?

    And if you can, post it on this blog?

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  • Lbug257

    I've looked at the teaser and I noticed something.

    Nightmare Bonnie and Nightmare Chica (when lighten up) seem to be crying. We know children's souls were/are inside them. The children were crying when they died.

    The many Freddy's heads bunny seemed to cry, too.

    What if the souls never really left? What if they are still trapped inside the animatronics, living nightmares.

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  • Lbug257

    What do you think?

    May 16, 2015 by Lbug257

    Do you think the new images on Scottgames are for a 4th game or to give stuff about the movie?

    A movie is said to be made, then Scott started changing pictures.

    When the hat was up, there was like a four painted on top. It could have just been the way He did the lighting for it. A picture with the 4 on it is on my Deviantart. 

    The games didn't take that long to make, but this one will get about half a year.

    So, do you think it's for the game or movie?

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