I have believed that Phone Guy most likely faked his death. The question is, though, why?

Well, once you got the job, you were in it till your week was over. And Phone Guy most likely did not like his job at all. So how else to quit than by faking your death and giving the next guard a scare? Here's the evidence for this:

1) Foxy in FNAF 1 is known for banging on your door, and in the night 4 phone call, Phone Guy allegedly dies from a group attack of animatronics. You can hear Foxy audibly banging on his door in the phone call; however, even playing in-game, he does not make a sound when banging on your doors, although power is still lost. It sounds more like Phone Guy himself is banging on a wall, and not even on the door.

Chica blarg

Chica jumpscaring the player

2) You can hear either Bonnie or Chica groaning as well. However, it is impossible that Bonnie is the one groaning, as if it was true that Foxy did bang on the door, the door would've been closed, but Bonnie never lets the door close; he jams the door instead, allowing it to stay open. For both animatronics, it would be highly unlikely to have heard groaning at all, as this only occurs when they're in the room, and the monitor is raised. Phone Guy does not have 3 hands(as far as I know; one for the phone, and the other 2 for the monitor), and he'd be a bit more panicky, which leads me to-

3) Sheer panic: Although Phone Guy always sounds like a swimming instructer: Calm and precise, he would be more worried, at this point, to stay alive rather than give tips to the next guard who won't(possibly) make it to night 5. So it is a bit uncertain how Phone Guy could remain so calm.

4) Freddy never plays his jingle, unless

Extra Freddy

a- the power is out, OR

b- he's in the kitchen.

If he was in choice b, this would be impossible, as Phone GUy would have enough sense not to leave the office, and even if he did leave the office, how would you hear Foxy banging on the door?

If he was in choice a, this would be impossible as well, as if the power was out, the call would be cut abruptly, and the monitor would be pulled down. But the crazy thing is, the regular animatronic's screams are never heard in the phone call, which brings me(finally) to 

5) The scream you hear at the end of the call: Golden Freddy. Golden Freddy was confirmed to be a hallucination. I mean, how does a head just fly at you, killing you in the process? Let's keep it physic friendly, people :)

It's never actually shown in the game whether Golden Freddy kills you or not; the game crashes instead. So most likely, Phone Guy edited the scream later. 

Now, you might be wondering, how did he escape?

Phone Guy knew the ins and outs of the place, so he most likely used a spare Freddy Mask from the second game to scare away the animatronics; all except for Foxy, whom he most likely closed the door on. Then he just left.

So, what do you guys think?

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