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    I have believed that Phone Guy most likely faked his death. The question is, though, why?

    Well, once you got the job, you were in it till your week was over. And Phone Guy most likely did not like his job at all. So how else to quit than by faking your death and giving the next guard a scare? Here's the evidence for this:

    1) Foxy in FNAF 1 is known for banging on your door, and in the night 4 phone call, Phone Guy allegedly dies from a group attack of animatronics. You can hear Foxy audibly banging on his door in the phone call; however, even playing in-game, he does not make a sound when banging on your doors, although power is still lost. It sounds more like Phone Guy himself is banging on a wall, and not even on the door.

    2) You can hear …

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