Casual day with Night Guard of FNaF1234 on Google. Then I was sent an email.

They said exactly this; " Do you know..."

I asked who they were. They repllied with " Someone cares about you a whole lot, Laura. (They said my surname, but I'm keeping it private here.)

You can deny, deny, deny, but I'm a person who knows some things.

Boy, that sounds like something you've heard before, doesn't it?

I know a lot, I can prove it to you."


" Ask me anything, about say, yourself, or... your dearest friend.." They mentioned names again, but it's clear the person who was mentioned would not like his name shared.

I replied with " I'm not asking anything about him. I don't want to invade on anything. I can ask you things about myself, tell me all you know about me." I was curious about what they knew.

They said my age, full name and gender. I asked them to continue. " You love FNaF, Splatoon, drawing. More?"  I said the simple reply of " Please, that was simple. Carry on."

They said something I wasn't expecting.

"Wait a minute, why am I even doing this? I'm being a bit creepy... bye. This will never happen again. I will stop stalking you." It was about now they sent me another email.

"I see you figured it out. But I am not AMOTE123.  Shocked?!? It's called hacking. I'm looking at you and your lovers conversation right now."

I was talking to Night Guard on Hangouts, Google's instant messenger thing. AMOTE123 was someone who asked various people about how they felt about me. "Lovers" is refering to Night Guard.

Night Guard believed this person was AMOTE, but then they sent this.

I replied with " We are not lovers. We a great friends. And you, hacker, should not be doing what you are."

They said "Goodbye. Who am I to meddle in your life..." and ""Why did I listen to that bastard Amote?"

Skipping a few small posts, I asked "I'm curious. What do you mean by listening to AMOTE? Did he tell you to do this?" and "I'd like for you to explain anything AMOTE told or asked you."

They then said "Well, he seemed so intent on you too, he offered me 25 bucks to find any proof on how much you like eachother. I found out much, but the big question remains: who likes who?"

"We like each other as friends, we do not want anything to do with love. Hacking is horrible anyway, you should know not to invade on other people's privacy" I replied.

"Well said, Laura. But speak for yourself. Maybe I shouldn't go on...."

"You shouldn't, like I've said, it is very, very rude."

"As you wish.  I will now leave forever."

They haven't said anything since.

This sounds like a CreepyPasta story.

Their gmail is if you want to try and contact them.

Oh, and AMOTE, if you read this, what you did what very rude. It can be illigal if hacking becomes serious.

- Kirby

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