It's kinda FNAF related.

I was dreaming last night, and I had a really odd dream.

I remember a bunch of Roleplayers were outside what I presume was Freddy Fazbear's Pizza from FNAF1. Everyone there was how I draw and see them, so, yeah. Let me continue.

Everyone was holding a tablet like thing, and were looking at it. I must have seen something on my profile page because I shouted out "I'M NOT A TRAINEE!", dropping the tablet. (Be aware I had no control over what was happening) I started dancing around, and I'm sure a couple people either threw their tablets at me or just dropped them. After about what felt like a minute of shouting "I'm finally not a trainee!", "It's amazing!", "Yay!" etc., a couple admins (Psycho and Jillips) walked out of Freddy's and must have knocked me out with a pan or something, because that's when I woke up.

People I remember seeing for those who are curious:

Night Guard


Both Salamanders


Admins mentioned

I think I saw Loch and Hydra too, not sure though.

I know this is really random, I just felt like sharing it with everyone. So, enjoy the randomness of my dreams!

- Kirby

EDIT: I will be doing a picture with everyone mentioned. It probably won't be done tomorrow since I'll be playing Splatoon, and for a few days after. But, I am doing it soon. I hope.

kuJk wn

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