This is it, my 5000th edit!

It feels so amazing to be half way to 10,000, and the fact I never thought I would get this far.

I joined this wiki to just talk about FNAF, but I found the magic of RPing thanks to MangledMeddlingMetal and ChicaThePizza. From there, I met so many new friends. LerakCZ, HolySalamanderCuttlefish and Night Guard of FNaF1234 are a few to note. Now the FNAF wiki takes up half of my time, all thanks to RPing. If that didn't exist, I wouldn't be here. I would have lost intrest months ago, and no one but a couple would know me.

Look at me now, I know so many people to have fun with, and I have a story to write as well. Why is the story so special? Because I have never written a story to its 9th chapter. Ever.

Another thing FNAF has done for me is drawings. Before FNAF, I did a few drawings a week, maybe 10-20 a week if I'm that bored, but now FNAF has me drawing so much more. And fingers! I can draw fingers thanks to FNAF!... Some how. Don't ask. I just can.

There's one, very special mention, the person who told me what FNAF was. That person is TheFurnaceBear on Deviant Art. After seeing icon apon icon of FNAF, I asked them and they explained. I wanted to find out more, so I went to the wiki and read about it. I found RP's, and here I am now.

Thank you so much everyone I have talked to, RPed with, and mentioned in this (Apart from a few). I cannot say anything else. Just thank you so, so much.

So, here is where my 5000th edit blog thing ends. See you probably in an RP!

- Kirby

EDIT1a: This got a lot of comments fast.

EDIT1b: Most popular blog post! Thanks everyone!

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