(Phone rings)



Hi there!

My name is A----r!

I’m here to help you perform professionally at your new job here at Freddy Fazbear’s Diner! First check your equipment, Mouse, Mousepad, Monitor etc. While you check, I will instruct you through your first night!


In case you don’t know, I’ll tell you the names of the Mascots.


Freddy Fazbear, he is the main mascot. He leads the Fazbear band. Bonnie, he plays the bass. Chica, she is a backup singer. Sebastian, he hangs out in the Play-Zone. Hold up…..


There is an error on Cam 12… Talk tomorrow.




(Phone Rings)


Hi again!

I have a word of warning, the Animatronics are…known to…Bug out. Move around during the night. A lot of Security Guards note that CAM 12 sometimes….bugs out. We try everything: Repair, Replacement. We’ve tried EVERYTHING!!!


They changed the prices on admission. $20 for Adults, $9.50 for Children, $39.90 for Families (2 Adults+3Children). Those prices are nice. I must inform you…Do not, and I mean, DO NOT, Let them find you!



(Phone Rings)

Got more info for you,

Mr Snowden, the CEO, has just told me, to tell you, to not use the Emergency shotgun. The Mascots are expensive. So please, DO NOT SHOOT THEM.




Alright, there is a….Animatronic that we have kept secret. Mr Snowden gave permission to tell you. His name was Waldo. Like the guy from where’s Waldo. He was a creepy-ass clown. Mr S deemed him too creepy and locked him up in the Back room. His servers are still online. You can connect to his servers. That allows you to see through his eyes, but not to control him. Bye for now.




(Phone Rings)


They’re coming!!

I’m screwed!!

I don’t have time to explain!

They have a secret camera in your Office!

They see everything! And they want me dead!

I was going to reveal EVERYTHING to the public!

If I did, the place would go broke! They would lose money! Oh crap! They found me! Leave me alone!

I won’t tell anyone! I swear!


How can I trust you? Exactly, I CAN’T. Go to hell Arthur.


(Shots fired)





(Phone rings)

          Hey there new guy!

If you think you’re going to tell anyone about the mishaps that occur at night, then you’re in for a surprise! I’m watching you boy! Don’t tell anyone! Or you’ll end up like Arthur!





Shhhh… Damn it, he isn’t dead yet. I’ll fix that!




(Shots fired)



That’s what will happen if you tattle….


Above was an alt. story i made. Hope u liked it! 

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