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    Power to the viewers

    June 20, 2015 by Kakaruko

    How many of you want this in the story?

    Thanks for voting!

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    This post will introduce you to the characters from my Fnaf fanfic called: The Audio Journal Of Andrew Smith.

    As the title says. It is an audio journal similar to the phone calls.

    Andrew smith(AS) records who to correctly work at JC's Kid's Diner. Jeremy Cat. 



    He works at JCKD.

    Mr Snowden-

    He is CEO of the JCKD

    Lydia Smith-

    She is Andrew's wife


    He is the Janitor and Engineer.


    A Suspect in the Dead Kids case.

    Officer Paul Beggetti

    I tried to give him an italian name. sorry if it seems racist. He leads the investigation.

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    June 20, 2015 by Kakaruko

    hi im new to this wiki!

    I do things like roleplaying and fanfiction. But I do not tolerate sexual fanfics and rps. how can i help u all?

    I am also starting a fanfic series. Similar to fnaf but not fnaf.

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