aka Kaine of Earth-Prime

  • I live in Earth-Prime
  • My occupation is I'll kill you! I'll kill you to Death!
  • I am Male
  • Kaine-Prime

    Kaine of Earth-FNaF, and in the pizzeria, was never sadden by the fact he was never in the FNaF stories, but along as he always had his friends. Jillips let Kaine be his bacon knight, and he found a sentient piece of armor that responded to his thoughts, and increased his abilities! After sitting in the background of The FNaF Wiki Battle, he abandoned the sentient armor, inside a church, and it could absorb the yellow sunlight for him, empowering him. Meanwhile, on Earth-Prime, after the FNaF Wiki Battle, he found himself the only survivor of Earth-Prime.  He was consumed by anger, grief and bitterness and blamed the heroes of Earth-FNaF for his loss. While he pondered to get more power and try to kill the heroes of Earth-FNaF, he found hi…

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