Hey guys! Kieran here from the underworld! Yeah... I had a problem with nick the Endoskeleton "uUn mangle gel". Yeah... but I've met some cool people! Vincent van gogh,  even all the animatronic phantoms! Except bonnie wasn't there... and I did some (undead) research with the phantoms and the dead phone guy!

I've figured It out. I thought springtrap was bonnie... I was right.

on about night 4s phone call, it is said that the 'sspringlock' animatronics are not to be touched. ESLESHAILY SPRING BONNIE. so, spring bonnie was left intact because of a mysterious case linked with the colour purple. Then after deteriorating for ages, it was re nicknamed 'sspringtrap'.

Not all of this is mentioned, but I priced it together.

But Uhhhhhh,  I'm trying to make a deal with Death to be reborn or something. 

But untill thenn....

PEACE OUT (ffrom the underworld)!!!!

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