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  • Joethebro64

    So....................My theory for Fredbear's Diner (the first one with the spring lock characters) could only described as a semi-story....

    First of all... I think that the FNAF 3 Mini Game, STAGE01 reveals a lot about Fredbear's Diner. This is because it shows us that Golden Freddy (FredBear) and Spring Trap (SpringBonnie) were confirmed to perform together in Fredbear's, both yellow in color, and were able to become wearable costumes, thanks to the effective but dangerous spring locking mechanisms.

    However, in the Glitch Minigame when you play as Shadow Bonnie, you start off  in Fredbear's Diner.....Hmm. I think that Shadow bonnie might have been a third animatronic, possibly SCRAPPED early after Fredbear's opened due to GLITCHING! (henc…

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  • Joethebro64

    So I obtained this well-known image through Deviant Art, and I made my own version, with (what I think is an almost accurate, but probably not accurate at all) line up of all the animatronics from the entire FNAF series so far. Some of them I interpreted from certain phone calls, others I guessed from the minigames in FNAF 2 and FNAF 3, such as the Purple Bonnie (aka RWQFSFASXC) from the Glitch Minigame and the Shadow Bonnie Hallucination, and the Purple Freddy from the Parts/Service room.

    [1] (link to picture)

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