Hello, this is Jimi56. Today, I'll be reviewing FNaF3(No not the real one). This game's name was later changed to The Return to Freddy's. Let's dive in.

The story is okay. There are cutscenes which make no sense whatsoever. They provide no details of the story, but one of the cutscenes do feature a character who we see again in the sequels. I did like the cutscene for starting up the game though. This game takes place in 2015, and seems to be picking up where FNaF 1 left off. It is literally a day after the first game. The only new character is Sugar, a cat that was used without the creators permission IRL. There is a phone guy, This is the laziest phone guy ever. He sounds like Carl off of Family Guy. The story sucks, now let's move on.

The gameplay is messed up. It's FNaF 1 with the Freddy mask and flashlight. Doors don't work, so isn't that a waste? The camera's are okay, but they only seem to piss the characters off even more. The mask is the only thing that kinda works. It only works when an animatronic is in the office. If you put the mask on at any other time, it doesn't work at all for the rest of the game. The puppet is in the game, but no music box! Unlike some fan-games, this one actually has a custom night, but there are no words to describe how bad they messed it up This game fails. P.S. The flashlight sucks too.

There is no difficulty to this game. If you see something put on the mask. Doing absolutely nothing can get you past the first 3 nights. If you try 7/20 mode, Golden Freddy will always kill you. I've tried everything, believe me. This game is easy, but then GF is all like "You want to beat 7/20 Uh huh huh, well screw you!". This game is so easy it is boring.

This game sucks, it is the definition of crap. Five Nights at Thomas is better than this, so I have to give that game a better score. 3 out of 5 for Thomas, you hear that you stupid train. The only thing I like about this game are the visuals. Hopefully the remake does some justice for this terd.

The Verdict: 2/5

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