Hello, this is Jimi56. Today, I'll be reviewing two games sort of. There was a tie between TRTF 4 and FNaTI demo. Why do both you may ask, because FNaTI was friggin cancelled. You ever notice that? The day I decide to review TRTF1, it gets remade and crappy version never existed. FNaTI gets a lot of votes to review, then it gets cancelled. Let's hope I don't review Five Nights in Anime, the last thing we need is that game getting cancelled. FNaTI, story was great and is scary like the creepypasta. Gameplay isn't anything too new. The difficulty is broken for the remastered demo. The verdict this is a 3/5. Now, onto The Return to Freddy's 4.

The story is vague, but the phone calls give you backstory. Unlike the previous games, the phone calls are actually easy to listen and follow. A new Fazbear place gets re-opened years after TRTF3. This place house some of the animatronics we all remember, plus some new faces. Bonnie and Freddy are the only FNaF characters that return. Of course, Lockjaw and Kitty Fazcat return. There are three new characters. Sally the Panda, Kolly the Koala, and Golden Lockjaw. Don't you think there's enough Lockjaws? Lockjaw, Shadow Lockjaw, Golden Lockjaw, Shadow Golden Lockjaw, Lapis Lazuli Lockjaw, Pink Gold Lockjaw, Omega Ruby Lockjaw. Well I made up some of those, but you get the point. The ending/paycheck screen only says the end. The minigames tell the real story, but unlike the last game, I'm not spoiling it. There really isn't a way to describe the night 6 ending either.

These past few TRTF games kind of failed when came to doing good at FNaF fan-games, so I wonder what they could do. There is a single hallway that your room is in. kind of like Five Golden Nights at Freddy's. The cameras are now on a tv, which is on the side of the room. That is the most creative camera system I've ever seen in a FNaF game. There is a lever to pull down near the tv that recharges power, which is pretty cool. There is another lever that blows steam into the hall. Oh no, there is a red bar at the bottom of the screen. BFP just had to use the Freddy Mask. This will blow your mind. It is actually a vent grate this time. This gameplay is very original, and it is up there with One Night at Flumpty's 2. Something really cool, is that you can see the animatronics walking outside your door.

The difficulty isn't a big problem in this game. Freddy and Lockjaw can be repelled with the steam in the hall, and you can still use the steam if they get in your room. The others must be fended off with the vent grate disguise. Most go through the hall, and give you plenty of time to put the vent on. Kitty and Sally run across the hall, then they go into your room before they attack. Bonnie runs across the hall, then he pops up in your face when the vent is on. Bonnie can catch off guard, but if you're fast, you can usually spot him before he attacks. There is one animatonic that feels the most unfair. Kolly comes in, and gives you no warning. Kolly is OP, and it is the only unfair thing about this game.

This game is better than the rest. They really got creative for this game. Besides the sometimes aggravating AI, this one has that special charm to it. You should definitely check this one out.

The Verdict: 4.5/5

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