Hello, this is Jimi56. Today I'll be reviewing TRTF3. I've reviewed the past two games, which weren't that good. This one will probably end up as mediocre or something like that.

The story begins with a new place opening up called Fazbear Fantasy land. Anyways, this place has the more kid friendly place that looks creepy atmosphere that the real FNaF3 lacked. They have recovered 2 new animatronics: Lockjaw, a character you may have noticed from the past TRTF games that is also a springsuit I think, and Vigo, a snake animatronic from an older location. Some of the characters return such as Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, and Kitty Fazcat. SPOILERS AHEAD!!!! Beware!!!!-----> So it turns out that the Lockjaw suit actually houses a dead kid. You can get two endings. The good ending involves playing through minigames that are depressingly sad. It almost brings tear to my eye ;(. Anyways, that is all I'm going to tell.<-------- Spoilers over.

The game play is akin to FNaF3. There is a monitor and a maintenance panel. The monitor allows to shut doors, but it's useless because they'll cause an error about 6 seconds after using them. I wonder if this was to limit door use, or if it was there to troll you like in the first game. Speaking of that first game, no Freddy mask(YAYYYYY). There is also a second floor to the building, but there is just a door up there. The maintenance panel has four options: reboot light systems(ventilation), reboot door, corrupt signal, and view animatronic. View animatronic allows you to see things through Lockjaw's eyes, more Deja vu incoming. Corrupt signal is supposed to keep them out of your office when they get close, I guess? That is another thing, the phone calls are useless. They give you no hints, thanks for nothing Zombiewars. Don't bother going to the TRTF wiki for hints either, just don't do it. Just like FNaF3, beating the 6th night unlocks the extras menu. This extra menu allows you to look at animatronics, jumpscares, minigames, and a preset challenge that is pretty much a 7/20 thing. There is an 8th night too, but it is just an extra night.

The difficulty is at a balance between hard and easy. I feel that the animatronics are great. But there is a lot of problems: Seal the doors don't work, corrupt signal doesn't seem to work all the time even if you spam it, Lockjaw can get in your office but won't attack unless you look left, Kitty Fazcat is a fagcat on night 7, the crying kids makes me feel scared, Bonnie is not going away when I corrupt signal, Cam 2 is used to seal the door on Cam3... way to go BFP, Why can't the doors shut for at least 10 to 12 seconds, I clearly used corrupt signal only to see Lockjaw walk across my office, Why does the rebooting process feel so strange, please give hints because your wiki sucks TRTF, MOTHER FLIPPIN CORRUPT SIGNAL IS JUST CORRUPT. There is all the problems I have. I suck at this, but is it better than the second?

I like it, but there are the bugs that were in the other games. It is way too hard, or it is way too easy. All the problems are horrible. This is basically the other games, but it holds together just a bit better than the past two. Not a bad game if you don't suck at it, but this is my review.

The Verdict: 3.5/5

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