Hello, this is Jimi56 and welcome to FNaF fan-game reviews. This will be a new series of blogs that will review fan games that you guys vote for. Today, I will review One Night at Flumpty's by Jonochrome.

To begin, ONAF is about a man who must fend off strange entities that are trying rip your eyes out and put them in a frying pan. That's about it for the story, but there are a few things to note from the Beaver's newspaper. So, Is the game original? Yes, in fact it is one of the most original fan games out there.

The gameplay is very similar to FNaF 1. The AI for the characters are also very similar, with the exception of two. Grunkuss the clown emerges from a portal inside your office wall and the more you open the cameras, the closer he gets. Then there is Golden Flumpty who appears at random, but can be avoided by flipping the camera up.

Now, onto the difficulty. As you can tell from the title, there is only one night in the game. The difficulty runs at a steady pace. It starts out fine, giving some time for you to get used to the mechanics. After 3 AM, the difficulty ramps up. It is at this point where using experience from FNaF comes into play. The games difficulty is hard, but with practice you'll be able to beat it.

I found ONAF to be one of the more original and functional FNaF fan games. It was nice to play, and really kept you on your toes. In general, it was a good game and you should check it out.

The verdict: 4.5 /5

Thanks for reading, and tell me what you think about ONAF.

What Fan game would you like me to review next?

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