Hello, this Jimi56. Today I'll be reviewing Five Nights at Thomas'... HOLD IT! Are you talking about Thomas the tank engine? As in "There's two, there's four, there's six, there's eight.", Thomas? Phewwwww, this game already sounds crappy. Let's begin.

Before I go on about the game, let's talk about the show. It's about a train called Thomas who tries to be a "usefull" engine. The conductor's name is Sir Toppemhat(is that how you spell it?). That fat lard of fudge has the worst name ever. What if he wore a bowler hat instead of top hat, what would we call him then? The show itself isn't that bad and I kinda enjoy it, but can the same be said for this fan-game? The story is pretty much a copy of FNaF. There are six dead kids stuffed into Thomas, and there is a pizzeria based on Thomas. You also get phone calls from Toppemhat. The actor does a pretty good impersonation of Toppemhat, and he'll make you laugh at least one time. He doesn't give any good hints though.

The gameplay is very limited. You can't move around the office, and there's a boring button to shut the door. Whoever makes a fan game like that should be cut.....*looks at my own fan game*. Joking aside, There are no cameras and you have to utilities. A door and a furnace, which recharges your door power. I don't know about you, but I'm getting the strangest sense of Deja Vu right now. Whatever, there's no cameras. Ask anyone "What if FNaF didn't have camera's?", they'll think your crazy. There is only one enemy, and that's Thomas. Shut the door, refuel battery, check for Thomas, rinse and repeat. It is a very boring process, but what did you expect. There's also a flashlight that tells you if Thomas is near. This is some pretty bad gameplay. There's also a demon Thomas that you can summon by clicking a poster, this will crash the game. Don't do it, you'd rather have your entire computer get crashed.

How difficult is the game? Not very. Recharge door, check for Thomas, and repeat. That is all I have to say.

This game sucks. While it is somewhat similar to my game, at least I put cameras and other mechanics in the game! This is just boring, and it screws you over. I hate this game. YOU HEAR THAT THOMAS? I gave you a chance, and you screwed it up. Oh and what is your reward for finishing the game? One dollar and a cheap jump-scare.

The Verdict: 2/5

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