Hello. this is Jimi56 with another fan-game review. Today, I'll be reviewing Five Golden Nights at Freddy's. One of the big things about this game is that there are no cameras. Let's see how this can be without cameras.

The story seems to take place after FNaF 3 and involves a guard surviving five nights at a new location. There are two animatronics: Springtrap and Golden Freddy. There are only two cutscenes, so you can't be too sure about what is happening. There are 6 different endings. 3 of these endings are great, but the others just kinda suck. There are also phantoms that return, but I'll get into that later.

Onto the gameplay. This game doesn't have any cameras, but it has a map of the building with radars on the animatronics. To defend yourself, you hide under the Freddy mask. This is the best use of the mask I've seen in any FNaF game. You also click on things too. You can punch BB. Not click, but punch him. I like BB, but he gets annoying in this game. Just click on a phantom to make them go away. Springtrap makes mad dashes across the office hall, while Freddy takes a nice walk. When you see one of them, you mask on them.

The difficulty is well balanced. There are 4 enemies that can kill you. You have to click on the phantom BB and Foxy plush, and put the mask on for the golden ones. There is always that tight situation of keeping the mask on and knowing when to remove it, as you can't hurt the phantoms with the mask on. You can't rely on the map too much because Phantom Mangle can disable it, so you gotta disable her..."MANGLE PAWNCH!". Springtrap will also make it look like he is leaving, but he is just trying to trick you. There is a nice balance, but there is sometimes a problem dealing with the phantoms. This game manages to do a pretty good job at balancing the difficulty.

Overall, FGNaF isn't a bad game. It is pretty fun, but once you learn the pattern, it becomes easy. This is good game to have a few scares and laughs. Not bad, but you'll probably be done with it fast.

The Verdict: 3.5/5

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