Hello, this is Jimi56. Here is the Finale to First Shift. Enjoy : )

November 12, 1993. Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, 12:00 AM

Here I go. My final night. I don't know where to go from here. I sat down and heard Freddy move. I checked the cameras to see that he was heading towards the Restrooms. I was prepared, but I felt like something was wrong. I needed answers.... *ring* *ring*. "Impossible!", I said after hearing that phone. I picked it up. "S-A-V-E T-H-E-M..... don't let him escape.". I tried to make some sense from this, but couldn't. I walked out, only to find the place to be empty. I seen a purple Freddy. "Follow me...... Hurry", I heard from him. I needed to find out what was up. Is this the moment I've been waiting for? He seemed like a friend, but I need to be cautious. I followed he into the restrooms. I saw all of them.... Scattered to pieces. The animatronics were dismantled. "In here, you will find answers.", the shadow Freddy said before disappearing. I went inside the room. There were arcade cabinents, a box with audio tapes, and a suit. "What is all of this?", I said to myself. I looked around some more. There was someone in the shadows, he stabbed me in the leg with a knife. It was him, he was the one responsible for the events years ago. He laughed, "Stupid security guard, don't you know who I am? It's me!!!!". I couldn't let him escape this time! I tried pulling out the knife, but the man kicked me. He walked out for a second. I tried to hide from him, but it was no use. He returned with an axe. "Time to dismantle you!", he said while raising the axe. I closed my eyes, but I didn't feel any pain. "This isn't happening, it can't be! I wiped you off the face of the Earth already!", the man screamed. I opened my eyes to see him running into this suit, He slowly laughed. His laughter would quickly change to screams, as the suit seem to crush his body. All that was left was a suit. The cops pulled in, medics rushed to my aid...

November 13, 1993. Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, 2:00 PM

"So, did you find any answers?", My boss asked me. "... I found all I needed to know.", I replied. " I'm sorry, Mike. I shouldn't have put you in such a situation, It's my fault.", He said. "..... I forgive you.", I told him. He handed me my paycheck. I left the Pizzeria a different man. I found out the dark truth, but was it worth it? I couldn't stop that man from killing my friends. My friends will never be able to rest in piece. As long as He remains, there is no way to be sure. I couldn't avenge their deaths. I was stupid to return, thinking a miracle would happen. I guess it just wasn't meant to be...

The End...

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