Hello, this Jimi56. Here is First Shift Night 4 pt.2. In case you don't know, this is a Fan fic about FNaF. It helps if you've read the other parts before this. Thanks and enjoy.

November 11, 1993. Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, 2:30 AM

I look at the power. " There's not enough left!", I yelled while smashing the monitor. I picked up the Freddy mask I used last night. I put it on, and ran out the door as fast as I could. I ran for my life. I jumped onto one of the dining area's tables and took the mask off. I picked up a chair to use as a weapon. They all slowly crept up to my table. I smacked Bonnie in the face with a chair, then I hopped to another table. I threw the party hats and chairs. I put on a party hat, and got a popper. "You want to have a party, you mechanical piles of scrap? Let's all have friggin' party!!!", I threw all I could find at the others. I tried hopping to another table, but Chica grabbed my foot and was dragging me to the backstage. I quickly pulled out my flashlight and flashed in the eyes. As she froze in her steps, I tried beating my feet of her hands with the flashlight. I was free from her grasp, but I needed to last 3 more hours. I ran into the supply closet and got anything that could be used as a weapon. I grabbed the broom and ran after Foxy. I kicked him to the floor and proceeded to beat him with the broomstick. Freddy appeared and broke the stick in half. I slowly backed up, someone is behind me. That puppet was staring into my soul, it spoke in a garbled voice. " Tis Laemtalbe ahat husc a nhuma edostn ownk, YOU WILL KNOW THE JOY OF CREATION!!!!!!!", it screamed throughout the halls. All of them circled around me, screaming. I remember those screams, from when that sick bastard killed my friends. I couldn't take it no more. "Mike what's the matter, are you okay?", my boss said as the lights switched on. "Boss, what are you doing here so early?", I asked him. "......I knew you couldn't handle it, Mike. I justed wanted to come here to make sure you stay safe. They stop moving whenever I walk in. Go home Mike, I've got it from here...", my boss said. I left, but I would be back tomarrow. "He" was executed the other day. There's nothing left to worry about. I don't care if I die tomarrow night, or if I get my paycheck. I'll just have to wait untill tomarrow...

To be Concluded...

This is Jimi56, and Thanks for reading.

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