Hello, this is Jimi56. Here is another part to First Shift. If you haven't read the other parts, I recommend you do so. For those wondering when my fan game's pre-alpha demo is releaing, I'll try my best to release it tomarrow on March 25th. I'll probably release later in the day, such as six or seven o' clock. Enjoy : )

November 10, 1993. Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, 2:55 AM

I awoke, only remembering a golden Freddy attacking me. I look around to check my power, 43%. I check the halls and dining area for any inpending danger that may lie ahead. Chica and Bonnie were blocking the doors, and Foxy was already outside of his curtains. I saw white dots in the dining area. It looked like... Freddy? I check the outside of my doors. I opened my doors, then proceeded to check on Foxy who I saw was almost in the hallway. I try to close the left door, *click*. What, the door didn't move at all. I heard running, I knew this had to be Foxy. I ran through the right door. I looked back to see Foxy and Bonnie chasing after me. I flashed my light as fast as I could. My actions were successful, yet useless. " Heh, heh, heh.", I heard coming from Freddy. I tried to make it to the safe room. Freddy grabbed my arm. I tried to fight back, but Freddy punched me in the gut. He laid me over his shoulder. I elbowed him in the back of the head. I ran towards the safe room... it was re-sealed. " No, this is impossible. I ran in the restrooms. I hid in one of the stalls. I was crying and praying that I would survive. *BWWWOOOOM*, the power ran out. I sat in the stalls quietly, hoping they wouldn't find me..... "Toreador, on guard! Toreador! Toreador! And think well, yes think as you are fighting that a dark eye is watching you, and that love is waiting for you, Toreador, love, love is waiting for you!", I heard from outside the stall. It suddenly went quiet. I walked out. "AHHHHH, PLEASE NO. DON'T DO THIS", I yelled. *Ding dong ding dong*, It was six. I don't know if I should return tonight or not...... Is it worth it? I could've died tonight, but I was saved by the bell. I need to solve everything tomarrow night, even if it kills me....

To be Continued...

Thanks for reading.

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