Hello, this is Jimi56. I'm here with this weeks final teaser for my FNaF fan game. At first this may seem like a simple teaser, but it is actually an interactive one. There's a very small sprite that when clicked, shall take you to a screen asking for passwords. Here are the type of passwords that can be used( don't capitalize or put a space in any of these, or it won't work. no punctuation either.)

image passwords: 1987, 20/20/20/20, fazbear, balloonboy, prealphademo

Animated passwords: springtrap, springtrapface, milker ( last one is for the haters out there.)

Special minigame password: scottcawthon

I also added in previous teasers in this to view. To access them, simply type the teaser and number of the teaser. Ex. teaser2, gameplayteaser4


Hope you enjoy.

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