Hello, this is Jimi56. I just wanted to release a (sorta) Development log. There isn't much news to reveal, so this isn't much of a Dev log. I just wanted to say thanks to all of the people that played my fan game's pre-alpha demo. I will continue development, of course. Since Wedensday, I've rested and worked on my game. I have all my cameras implemented. I have got Bonnie implemented in most of the new cameras, so I'll have to redo his AI( Which will take awhile, unfortunately). I read the comments of the demo, and I'll try to fix those bugs. I need more detail on some of them, but I'll try my best in the meantime. I also want some help with a few things, which I would very much appreciate your help. I need help coming up with a name for my fan game. I also plan on getting to know a girl better, so wish me luck. Thanks for your support and thanks for sticking around. See you guys on Tuesday.

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