Hello, this is Jimi56. Today, I shall tell you more about my FNaF fan game.


Right now, the game is very early in development. There isn't much done. I'm trying to get all of the game mechanics fixed before trying to put the animatronics in. However, there is barely two animatronics in the game so far ( That would be Bonnie and Toy Bonnie).


Right now, I plan on having 6 animatronics that try to kill you. Most of them have been revealed in my past teasers. I will reveal another in my next teaser.

So there's the first development log, there  will be another teaser next Wednesday. It will reveal another character in my next teaser( if you've seen my teasers, you probably know who it might be), he shall be revealed with a new gameplay mechanic. This is Jimi56, thanks for reading.

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