I am officialy leaving this wiki for a while for a lot of reasons 

Reason #1: School has caught me in a gap once again

Reason #2: I am having a lot of family problems

Reason #3: My grandmother might die I dont know really know

Reason #4: My friends are begging me to go on Xbox 360 because they have issuse that I need to solve

Reason #5: I spend WAY to much time on here than going outside and hanging out with my friends I know in real life

Reason #6: I am signing up for baseball which means I will have practice every tuesday and thursaday 

Reason #7: I have been involved in to many problems and some involve fighting and I want to end that (not fightson the wiki)

Reason #8: I am tired of having to solve other peoples problems on this wiki 

Reason #9: People threaten me on this wiki and say there going turn my friends against me 

There are my reasons and admins please do not take the words a said as a bad thing but most of this blog is to my friends that RP with me and all of the things on here are NOT things from RP but anyways I will be back on soon and goodbye.

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