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    April 1, 2015 by J2Creep

    So I was playing FNaF 2 Demo the other day, and was at the main menu when I saw something flash on and off the left bottom corner of my screen.

    I waited, and watched hard, until I noticed the pattern. Whenever Toy Chica does its thing and momentarily turns into Old Chica, I saw something.

    Waited again, and pressed PrintScreen. Ctrl+V in Paint, and voila. I blew up the image, and something was there, but I couldn't make it out.

    So I uploaded to Imgur, and will post link here. There will porbably be a couple of links, because I don't know which one is setup for Wikia pages.


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  • J2Creep

    So I was playing around in the menu of FNaF 2 Demo, and whenever Toy Chica changed to Old Chica momentarily, I swear I saw something flash at the lower bottom of the screen.

    So I took a couple of printscreens, and got one right at the time Toy Chica changed. So I opened it in MSPaint, cropped it, and made it bigger, and I saw this.

    File:FNAF 2 DEMO WTF.pngYou may have to up your brightness for this, but I didn't photoshop this in. I don't have Photoshop, and no skills with any photo editing software. I just made it bigger and highlighted the area of concern.

    So if you can tell me what this is It would be greatly appreciated.

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