I got up to 2,800 edits.

I got bored of what should I make, SO I DECIDE TO MAKE A "DRAW MY LIFE" KINDA THING OF MY WIKI LIFE! (Caps, I know.)

It all started with this little fella.

I made an account on February 22, 2015, before FNaF3 came along.

I made some good friends, hanged out in chat, and alot of RPs.

I had a few bans/warnings.

1st warning: Talking about suicide

2nd warning: Saying the other F word.

3rd warning: I don't remember what it was, but I believe it was yelling at someone, basically a "Joke".

Then, somewhere after FNaF3 came out, I had thought of a good idea to thought of Springy Boy. So, I made him.

I went on chat with him, trying to tell the people who I originally was.

This went too far, and I was banned from the chat. "Ban evasion" by Psychobilly herself. (I forgive her, so calm down.)

I went as KingOfTHeMinions in chat, and Ban evasion and somehow, Excessive swearing. (I know the Ban evasion, but not the Excessive swearing.)

This is where I started to talk in blogs, threads, fourms. Up to today.

In the middle of my chat ban to today, you all remember about someone, right? April fools? Well, basically Psychobilly's friend, Moose, and Adam Fazbear. (I don't give a shit if you say "saying Adam shouldn't be here")

I went on and faced many challenges during my wikia journey.

It was tough, but I managed to get through.

I made alot of friends on this wiki. Can't wait to make more.

Mkay that's it.

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