Founded out that some people are making these kind of tests... No idea why.

All of these are FNaF to FNaF3.


Don't use the FNaF Wiki as a source.

Try thinking hard enough.


1. Where is Springtrap's starting location?

2. What was Golden Freddy believed to be as?

3. Who are the characters to have NO eyebrows? Name 3.

4. Why did the second Freddy Fazbear's Pizza (FNaF1) close?

5. What were the characters to be believed to cause the Bite of '87?

6. What was the Bite of '87?

7. What theory was believed that the Toy Animatronics were suppose to be like what?

8. Why was Mangle all "Mangled"?

9. What was believed that the 2nd head of Mangle suppose to be as?

10. Why is there human skin inside Springtrap?

11. In the phone calls of FNaF3, why were the springlock animatronics moved to another place?

12. Who was Scott's most featured animatronic in the series?

K done.

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