Hello everyone. I am going to show everything wrong in "Everything Wrong in FNaF3" By Nick the Endoskeleton.

Here is what he wrote.

  • Unlike the other games, where it's made to be kid-friendly when it's not, Fazbear's Fright is made to be scary. That kinda ruins the atmosphere. Ding.
  • None of the minigames support that there is a kitchen. Ding.
  • Phone Dude just disappears after Night 2. Ding.
  • While talking about phones, we still don't see one in the office. Ding.
  • Phone Dude wants the place to be legit, but can't even tell if the Foxy head is actually an animatronic's costume or just part of a random cosplayer's crappy cosplay. Ding.
  • Night 1 features no animatronics whatsoever. BORING. Ding.
  • How could anybody guess how to get the good ending with how complex the process is?! Ding.
  • Phone Dude tells you the ventilation errors cause hallucinations and phantoms to appear, but it's really the opposite way. Ding.
  • Phantom Foxy breaks the laws of physics. Ding.
  • The box of parts in your office seems to sit there with nothing involving it at all, though it has the potential to be involved in a lot. Ding.
  • BB was hated for not having a jumpscare. Now he does. Make up your minds, fans! Ding.
  • Most existing questions left with no answer, but the game seems to be adding more. Ding.
  • HOW did nobody notice the rotting smell of Purple Guy's corpse coming from the safe room?! Ding.
  • Again, why put enormous, ungrilled vents in a building? Ding.
  • The night guard has no revealed name. Ding.
  • Springtrap's arms learned to use noclip in the vents. Ding.
  • The bobble heads on the desk don't bobble. Ding.
  • You never get to see what's behind you. Is it a window? A plain wall? Ding.
  • Purple Guy is scared of ghosts that probably can't even make physical contact with him. Ding.
  • Why is the camera quality so bad if the game takes place in the 2020s? Ding.
  • "Cannot quit a shitty job that could get you killed" cliche. Ding.
  • Let's not try to at least take the rotten corpse out of this 30+ years old animatronic before we use him in the attraction. Not like we could be suspected of murder and then hiding the body. Ding.
  • For the whole series, Freddy is the main character, but then suddenly: "I got this one, Freddy." Ding.
  • Springtrap's jumpscares look more like an exaggerated, drawn-out "Hi" than a vicious animatronic ready to tear your flesh off. Ding.


1: Yeah we know, but the owners put it up "In the worse possible way!".

2: Fuck the kitchen.

3: I never liked Phone Dude.

4: Nightguard has his own.

5: It is a sin.

6: If it wasn't for Night 1, Nights 2 to 6 would have been never completed.

7: Fucking magic.

8: Like 7, MAGIC!

9: Not Foxy, Scoot did.

10: Scoot must love boxes.

11: Fans probably should fuck with him. Without fucking with BB, BB wouldn't have a phantom and a jumpscare.

12: Logic.

13: Logic.

14: "Hey, we don't know!" - Random qoute from a show.

15: Scoot can't think of one.

16: Animation shit is kinda hard.

17: The same wall the office has. :P


19: They wanted to make it "In the worse possible way!".

20: Life sucks, and you have to face animatronics trying to stuff you.

21: Purple Guy was stuck on Forever Glue.

22: Freddy is gay.

23: Springtrap doesn't have a brain.

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