Hunger Games mofo! - With BONNIES!



Eyeless Bonnie

Bonnie Plushie


Bonnie's Guitar

Bonnie Suit

Human Bonnie (WAT)


Eyeless T.Bonnie


T.Bonnies Guitar

T.Bonnie suit

T.Bonnie Plushie

Human Toy Bonnie

Shadow T.Bonnie


Springtrap plushie

Human Springtrap

Phantom Bonnie





Withered FNaF1 Bonnie

Let's Begin!

The Bloodbath:

As the tributes stand on their podium, the horn sounds.

Bonnie runs away from the Cornucopia

T.Bonnie plushie runs away

P.T.Bonnie finds a backpack full of camping equipment.

W.Bonnie runs away

T.Bonnie's Guitar runs away

Springtrap runs away

Bonnie's Guitar grabs a backpack and retreats.

T.Bonnie finds Human T.Bonnie hiding, but Human T.Bonnie kills her.

Phantom Bonnie, W.FNaF1 Bonnie, S.T.Bonnie, and Eyeless Bonnie share everything they gathered before running.

Springtrap plushie runs away

P.Springtrap runs away

Springbonnie grabs a sword

T.Springtrap runs away

Human Springtrap snatches a pair of sais (HOLY SHIT THAT SPRINGTRAP LINE DOH)

Eyeless T.Bonnie finds a bow, some arrows, and a quiver.

W.T.Bonnie runs away

Bonnie plushie runs away

Human Bonnie runs away

Toy Bonnie suit runs away

Bonnie suit takes a sickle from inside the cornucopia.

Day 1

P.Bonnie thinks about home

T.Bonnie's Guitar makes a slingshot.

Bonnie begs TB plushie to kill him. He refuses, keeping Bonnie alive.

Human T.Bonnie sprains her ankle while running away from Springtrap (OH YEAH)

Bonnie suit constructs a shack.

W.Bonnie and W.FNaF1 Bonnie threaten a double suicide. They both fail and die. (WOMBO COMBO!)

Eyeless TB and P.Springtrap work together for the day

Bonnie plushie and Bonnie's Guitar work together for the day.

P.T.Bonnie, W.T.Bonnie, Springbonnie, Human Springtrap, and Springtrap plushie hut for other tributes.

T.Springtrap steals from Eyeless Bonnie while he isn't looking.

S.T.Bonnie constructs a shack.

TB suit scares Human Bonnie off.

Night 1

Human Spring and TB suit huddle for warmth.

TB Plushie lets Bonnie into his shelter (WAT)

Springtrap, W.TB, Bonnie plushie, and Springtrap plushie sleep in shifts

Springbonnie receives clean water.

Human T.Bonnie loses sight of where she is.

P.Bonnie, Bonnie suit, P.TB, Eyeless TB, and Bonnie's Guitar sleep in shifts.

T.Springtrap, TB's guitar, Human Bonnie, and P.Springtrap sleep in shifts.

Eyeless Bonnie receives fresh food

S.T.Bonnie attempts to start a fire, but fails.

Day 2

Human TB poisons Eyeless TB's drink. He drinks it and dies.

P.Bonnie tries to sleep though the entire day

TB's Guitar constructs a shack

Bonnie's Guitar camouflauges himself into the bushes (WAT)

TB plushie overhears P.Springtrap and TB suit talking in the distance.

Bonnie suit "silently" snaps Springtrap plushie's neck (WAT NO)

Springbonnie dies while trying to detonate a bomb (STOOPID)

Human Bonnie questions his sanity.

Springtrap travels to higher ground

P.TB chases W.TB

Bonnie dies trying to escape the arena.

T.Springtrap practices his archery.

S.TB receives fresh food.

Bonnie plushie diverts Eyeless Bonnie's attention and runs away.

Human Springtrap is pricked by thorns while picking berries. (NOOB)

Night 2

TB Plushie questions his sanity

Eyeless Bonnie forces P.TB to kill S.TB or T.Springtrap. He decides to kill S.TB.

P.Bonnie stays awake all night.

TB's guitar and W.TB talk about the tributes still alive.

Bonnie plushie and TB suit hold hands (I SHIP!)

Human Bonnie fails to start a fire.

Human TB, Bonnie's Guitar, and Human Springtrap sleep in shifts

Springtrap thinks about winning.

Day 3

Bonnie's Guitar chases P.Bonnie (TRAITOR!)

W.TB discovers a river

Human Springtrap receives fresh food.

Human TB makes a wooden spear.

Springtrap discovers a river.

TB plushie makes a wooden spear (IT'S A PATTERN!)

P.Springtrap, Bonnie plushie, TB suit, and P.TB raid Bonnie suit's camp while he is hunting.

Eyeless Bonnie overhears T.Springtrap and Toy Bonnie's Guitar.

Night 3

P.Bonnie, Human Bonnie, and Springtrap sleep in shifts

Eyeless Bonnie convinces TB plush to snuggle with him. (THE SHIP HAS SUNK!)

Human TB, W.TB and T.Springtrap sleep in shifts

Bonnie suit screams for help

Human Springtrap cooks his food before putting the fire out

P.Springtrap fails to start a fire.

Bonnie's Guitar and TB's Guitar fight. Bonnie's Guitar wins and TB's Guitar survives.

Bonnie plushie tends to his wounds

P.TB tends to TB suit's wounds.

Day 4

Sprintrap scares Bonnie suit off

Human TB, Bonnie plushie, and P.TB hunt for other tributes

P.Bonnie and P.Springtrap work together for the day. (PHANTOM HUG!)

W.TB and Human Bonnie hunt for other tributes

T.Springtrap, Human Springtrap, TB plushie, and Eyeless Bonnie raid TB's suit's camp.

TB's Guitar's trap kills Bonnie's Guitar. (WAT)

Night 4

Springtrap and Bonnie plushie huddle for warmth (Shipping, once again)

Human TB receives an explosive.

T.Springtrap fails to start a fire.

TB suit fails to start a fire.

Eyeless Bonnie climbs a tree to rest.

P.TB severly injures Bonnie suit, but puts him out of his misery.

Human Springtrap, Human Bonnie, TB's guitar, P.Bonnie, and W.TB sleep in shifts.

P.Springtrap fails to start a fire

TB plushie receives medical supplies.

Day 5

W.TB discovers a cave

T.Springtrap diverts TB plushie's attention and runs away.

P.Springtrap and P.Bonnie split up for resources.

Human Bonnie injures himself.

Eyeless Bonnie, Springtrap, Human Springtrap, and TB suit hunt for other tributes

TB's Guitar hunts for other tributes.

P.TB searches for firewood

Human TB discovers a river

Bonnie Plushie camouflagues himself in da bushes.

Night 5

P.TB goes to sleep

Human Springtrap cries herself to sleep (HER MATE DIED RIP)

Bonnie's Guitar, Eyeless Bonnie, P.Springtrap, and P.Bonnie sleep in shifts

TB plushie is awoken by nightmares.

Human TB fends TB suit, W.TB and Springtrap away from her fire.

T.Springtrap screams for help

Bonnie plushie unknowningly eats toxic berries (LOL NOOB)

Day 6

TB plushie tries to spear fish with a trident

Human Bonnie, W.TB, T.Springtrap, and Human Springtrap hunt for other tributes

Eyeless Bonnie, Human TB, P.Bonnie, P.Springtrap, and TB's Guitar hunt for other tributes

TB suit kills P.TB while he's resting

Springtrap dies from an infection.

Night 6

Human TB passes out from exhaustion

P.Springtrap begs T.Springtrap to kill her. He refuses, keeping P.Spring alive.

P.Bonnie and TB plushie tell stories about themselves to each other.

Eyeless Bonnie questions his sanity

W.TB destroys TB suit's supplies while he is asleep.

TB's Guitar kills Human Bonnie with his own weapon.

Human Springtrap looks at the night sky.

Day 7

TB suit dies from hunger

P.Bonnie, TB plushie, and T.Springtrap hunt for other tributes

P.Springtrap travels to higher ground

TB's Guitar searches for a water source.

W.TB picks flowers

Human Springtrap questions his sanity

Eyeless Bonnie searches for a water source

Human TB cannot handle the circumstances and commits suicide.

Night 7

P.Bonnie thinks about home

Eyeless Bonnie destroys TB's Guitar's supplies while he is asleep.

TB plushies sees a fire, buts stays hidden.

T.Springtrap tends to P.Springtrap's wounds

W.TB sets up camp for the night.

Human Spring climbs into a tree to rest.

THE FEAST! -  A arena event

The Cornucopia is replenished with alot of shit (It didn't say that, I just said that.)

Everyone besides Eyeless Bonnie,TB plushie, and P.Springtrap decides not to go to the Feast.

TB plushie kills P.Springtrap

Eyeless Bonnie takes a staff leaning agaist the cornucopia.

Day 8

Everyone besides TB's Guitar and TB plushie hunt for other tributes

TB's Guitar practices his archery

TB plushie picks flowers.

Night 8

TB plushie set off an explosion, killing Human Springtrap, T.Springtrap, W.TB and Eyeless Bonnie (HOLY SHIT)

TB's Guitar loses sight of where he is.

P.Bonnie passes out.

Day 9

TB plushie kills TB's Guitar as he tries to run (TRIATOOOOOR!)

P.Bonnie dies of Thirst.

Toy Bonnie Plushie from District 7 won with a total of 6 kills!

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