aka ~~``SEAN``~~

  • I live in YouTube :D
  • I was born on January 1
  • My occupation is Youtube Video/Gameplay/Vlog Maker
  • I am Male
  • ItsSeanAndJasonOnYouTube

    If you see this Psychobilly, please dont delete. I have spent hard work on this blog post.

    There is gonna be a movie based off of FNaF! What are your ideas of what you want to be in the movie?

    State your awnser in the comments. There will be a "Comment of the Week" thing in this "UserBlog"

    This will be closed if spam is seen.

    Rules of this blog post :

    1. No spamming, doing so will cost in a close on this blog post

    2. No cussing

    3. Follow the normal rules of this wikia.

    4. Post ONLY on my message wall or this blog post.

    5. State only IDEAS in the comment section, if you post anything other than that, I will delete that said comment.

    Remember, state only ideas for the FNaF:Movie. Anything that are not idea-related will be deleted by


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  • ItsSeanAndJasonOnYouTube

    Hello! I am ItsSeanAndJasonOnYouTube! Please come check this RPG out!

    Rules :

    Dont Swear

    dont harass

    no MLG of ANY KIND

    must be 7+

    no posting unnessescary pictures, or an admin will give you a warning [ only post pictures that are on this wiki ]

    No bad language

    Thank you for reading!

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