• I know what it ish

    So, in FNAF 3 the minigames featured you playing as one of the four main animatronics in the first four night's.

    You followed a Purple Freddy into the Purple Man's trap, until Night 5's minigame.

    And our current teaser in Scottgames is a purple hat and bowtie.

    I believe that the hat and bowtie link to Purple Freddy, rather then the purple man.

    This image is Purple Freddy in the follow me minigames in FNAF 3. I believe that the hat and bowtie link not to the Purple Guy, or Freddy, but to the Purple Freddy. 

    I have no idea what the Purple Freddy could have to do with anything, now that we know Purple Man's story. But will have to find out this Halloween.

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