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  • My occupation is Eating Souls
  • I am Chocolate
  • Hyper Anon

    Whoever finds the message gets a free cookie. In the scary videos you watch there will be a secret message


    you can do both.

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  • Hyper Anon

    Scott Cawthon plays Mega-Man with his kids.

    Scott Cawthon created FNAF(duh)

    Freddy,Bonnie,Chica,Foxy are animatronics

    Animatronics are robots

    Mega-man is also a robot

    coincidence? I think not. 

    Mega-man can teleport using a teleporter.

    The animatronics can seemingly teleport

    The animatronics live in a pizzarea for kids.

    Guess what Pizzareas for kids have?


    Guess what one of the arcade games are?


    Mega-man has an arm cannon thingy.

    FNAF is popular on GMOD and SFM

    Guess What GMOD and SFM have.


    Guns are similar to cannons.

    There is a character in MM called Megaman X

    guess what Xs are a simble for


    FNAF has death in it

    Not to mention several characters are simalar.

    Freddy=Megaman, the main robots

    Freddy head=Megaman's helmet, headware both…

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  • Hyper Anon

    I always wanted to lead this blasted wiki. Don't get me wrong the content and admins in the wiki are nice. But it's just the other users which are turning this wiki into a shit can. I don't feel like leading this wiki because I want to it's because I feel like I have to. To save this wiki and bring peace to the world.  FNAF wiki has nothing to do with roleplay,fanfics,or even shipping. If you want to do that go on the fnaf fannon wiki or something.  NOT HERE. By the way you should use this wiki for what it is not for the shipping. Every Forum becomes a spam and shipping filled forum. You guys are good people but it's just the way you act. 

    Good Day. Oh and one last thing. Some people are so obsessed with shipping they consider it cannon. I …

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  • Hyper Anon

    happy halloween

    November 1, 2015 by Hyper Anon

    This is overdue but the least I could do since I didn't have the chance. Hopefully everyone enjoyed the halloween update.

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  • Hyper Anon

    Just to get a couple things off my chest. This won't be about the animatronics adventure I'm just going to teach you something. It's the truth behind basically everything on the internet.

    Foxy is the worst animatronic. He is overratted.  He keeps on killing you in FNAF 2. Mostly because he is overatted. Everyone thinks he is good.

    Balloon Boy is the best animatronic. He never kills you. He is underratted.

    FNAF roleplay,Fanfics,and shipping sucks. It's just random adventures of the animatronics. As of the shipping the games literally show no evidence who likes who. And they are robots they don't care about dating.

    Most FNAF ocs suck. They are just made for shipping and are usually heroes when they should be animatronics.

    The toy animatronics suc…

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