Okay, before you read, there are, of course, spoilers.

Anyway, I think I pieced together FNaF 3's story. Phone guy is discussing training and all. Nothing important there. The animatronics get torn up one by one after each night. They seem to be the toy ones, Bonnie's color giving the strongest hint. However, the map layout is like Freddy Fazbear's Pizza from FNaF 1.

The Purple Man tore them up. 4 of them. On the fifth night, a crying child. A ghost. The child he killed outside in that one minigame in FNaF 2? Anyway, 4 more ghosts block the doors. You chase the Purple Man around before he climbs into Springtrap. He is killed by the springs.

On night 5, Phone Guy explains that safety room for the suits and all. For some reason, the normal animatronics couldn't go in there. The room was supposed to be under tight security so only specific people could go in there. If kids were in the suits, the "err" would mean they couldn't go in. Or they are concealing repressed memories about the room and refuse to go in. Then the Purple Man is killed. Night 6, Phone Guy states the safety rooms are being sealed off. Maybe that's where the dead children were hidden and where Purple Man was killed. That room had dried blood on the floor. Also, if this is true, Phone Guy cannot be the killer. He would have been dead and, therefore, couldn't have told the staff about the safety room closings.

Just my thoughts. Let me know yours.

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