Introduction Edit

Participating in a wiki should be a hobby, not a stressing full-time job. However, this clearly is proving to be the latter. Several other people clearly agree with me.

Bad Things Edit

  • The people.
    • A fair amount of people aren't bad, but others are my worst frickin nightmare. Ranging from falsely accusing me of vandalism, to reporting me to staff for agreeing that their theory should be removed, the list goes on and on.
  • The arguments
    • Have you SEEN the pathetic arguments that aren't work my time but still end up enveloping me anyway? Yeah, no need to elaborate here.

Good Things Edit

  • The people. (again.)
    • A lot of people on here are really great! I want to hug them all! They're all so fun to talk with and socialize with. Plus, lots of people have nice profiles!
  • The staff.
    • The staff are AMAZING! They all need cookies. They put SO MUCH work into this wiki, yet they're rarely given a simple "thank-you", so be sure to thank your local FNaF wiki admin :P! I even get thank-yous from them. Treat others as you want to be treated! :)
  • The wiki. (itself.)
    • There's honestly a lot of great content around here, and the templates are AMAZING!

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