Hello first time on the wiki, i just find out something really interesting and wanted to see if i'm right or not on this thing.

I'm french so i'm very sorry if i write badly ^^






After some days playing Fnaf 3 i decided to return to Fnaf 2 and i remembered about a file named RWQFSFASXC.

My life is really boring so i decided to search a bit more about it but i found nothing, the names of Shadow Bonnie is "Glitched" But i tried to find what does it mean and changed all the letter by the one after so for A it make B for S it make T etc....

So with the name it did this:



Strange name but let me help ya out,



Then i saw that SXRGTG BTYD looked like a name so i tried all the possible ways to replace the letters between em but it was useless, i were about to stop searching when i remembered Spring Trap, i looked at the name and saw that some letters are at a good place to let me see SpringTrap but the other are just strange, maybe glitching?

S X R G T G  B T Y D

S P R  I  N G  T R A P

Strange things, i'm not really sure if Spring Trap is shadow bonnie, but thenames looks like the other, exact same number of letter and the S R ang G are in the good place so well i let you guys think about it.

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