• Hardy boys22

    Random theory

    April 24, 2015 by Hardy boys22

    okay so you know how theres shadow bonnie and springtrap in some mini games? well do you know about pink guy (the one by foxy in the fnaf 2 minigame) well, maybe shadow bonnie is the soul of the pink guy because the purple man framed him, and was tortured. Except in the minigames, shadow bonnie is a different version of springtrap, and the pink guy is purple man assistant in crime. they worked together to kill the children, but the purple man framed him when they were in custody, causing the pink man to commit suicide by taking is knife and stabbing himself, because it would be better than being tortured. he now roams everywhere through time, because the two men were from a future, possibly stopping the world to break down in havoc.

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