• Haiteta

    Hi there and i´m here to tell you all who cause the bite of 87

    By some true real facts that i gather from searching and the one who did cause the bite of 87 was Mangel and there is why:

    First: i will start to get of the wither versions because they couldn´t be near kids and the night guard of fanf 2 knows that they are still active so we would lock or always being watching the hall of left parts and in case that we saw one he would go to trying to one one get hurt (doesn´t matter to this case but the day guard should know who to turn them off ) with this exclude withered chica bonnie freddy and foxy

    In Second place, couldn´t be toy freddy chica and bonnie since the kids are near their mothers and it just need one to see and warn and the guard…

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