After a long period of thinking, I'm finally making it.

The FNAF Wiki Battle Part 4.


Sean, The Stupid One Who Started It All

Broken, The Evil One Who Almost Never Appears Even Though She's The Main VIllain

Mangled, The Unsuspectingly Evil One

Alucard, The Cockroach-Hating One

Adam Fazbear, Freddy Fazbear's Annoying Twin

Foxy 2, The One With The Annoyingly Long Username And Guns

Foxy 1, The Awesome One

Mangle, The One Who's Probably Going To Die In This Part

DMBY, The Annoying One

BB, The Psycho Kid With A Surprisingly Powerful Punch

Investigator, The Guy Who Likes Stuffing Stuff And Rollercoasters

Loch, The Tiny One

Fox Flames, The Creepypasta Lord

Catter, The Baseball Player/Bomb Exploder

Full Of Awful, The Cannibal

Focri, The Weird One

Dilly, The One That Appears For Sake Of Plot Convinience

Ultraman, The Dead One

Stopi, The Possessed One

Swizzy, The Popcorn-Eating One

Eagle, The Eagle

Tyler, The Only One That Actually Has Any Sanity

Azboy, The Guy Who Breaks Into Peoples Houses To Stay Cozy

Tom, The Person Who's Surprisingly A Girl

Proman V, The One With The ASDF Movie References

TheDaySurvivour, The One With Little Friends

Soundwave, The One With The Cute Face

Gametime8889, The Obligitary Character That No One Likes But Is Still A Hero

The Great And Mighty Poo, The One Who's Going To Throw His Sh*t At You

Happy Appy, The Children Apple Murderer

Mr. Mix, The Evil Video Game Chef

Photo-Negative Mickey, The FNAF Copy


Sean teased Broken so she vowed to wipe out all foxes with her gang which consisted of Mangled Eagle Alucard and Adam Fazbear and one of the people in this gang didn't like this but she built a death shrink ray anyways and another guy was trying to draw a plan but failing and then Foxy Oh foxy the pirate formed a gang by himself which consisted of Foxy Mangle and Sean to find the base but they didn't notice it even though it was obvious so they asked DMBY for directions but he hypnotized Mangle to behead everybody which was bad and Foxy Oh foxy the pirate ran away then Foxy & DMBY were decapitated so BB knocked Mangle out alongside Investigator and then he saved Foxy by turning him into Foxy the Lamp before DMBY died so they celebrated with a game of bowling and meanwhile Investigator took Mangle around the back of the pizzeria and then Loch & Fox flames came and Flames was the Creepypasta Lord who helped the bad guys but Loch didn't so he was thrown out the WINDOW and landed on Investigator and they both got hit with a baseball bat by Catter who got eaten by Full Of Awful before Mangle regained conciousness and saw that Mangled was building a death shrink ray then Focri did some weird stuff and then Dilly showed up then Part 3 happened where Foxy 2 shot Ultraman who got stuffed by Investigator into Stopi who got possessed and disguised as Freddy Fazbear and then decided to destroy the world and kill Foxy 2 who tried to shoot Swizzy who dodged and made the bullet hit Mangle who began to die and could only be saved by Mangled who had built a death shrink ray and tested it on Loch who shrunk and Investigator saw Mangle dying so he alerted BB who alerted Foxy who alerted DMBY and they all went together to save Mangle even though they had no batteries and they passed DaDarkness where Focri met Fox Flames and meanwhile Alucard accidentally drew Eagle a cockroach near where Sean was spying on Broken but he got knocked out by Stopiman Fazbear who was attacked by Adam Fazbear who thought it was the real Freddy and meanwhile Tyler was playing Clock Tower and then Dilly came in like a maniac but Tyler suffocated her then found an angry Azboy in his bed and then he saw Tom and then Tyler and Azboy jumped out the window and Tom liked dead bodies and then Mangled bought a top hat much to Loch's dismay.


"Observe, Loch!"

Mangled opened the top hat. Suddenly, a flow of darkness swept out of the hat, revealing Focri & Flames.


Black smoke arised from the ground. 3 figures emerged.

These were Happy Appy, Mr. Mix & Photo-Negative Mickey.

"WHAT? These are the worst creepypastas EVER!"

"Hey, at least we're not CRAPPYpastas!" said Happy Appy, pointing his knife at Flames.

"Yeah!" said Mr. Mix.

"Wanna see my head come o-"



"My Creepypasta powers are out of stupid fuel! UGH!"

"...Crap, I have nothing to say! The author doesn't have any ideas!"

"But we don't wanna disappoint our readers!"


"How about we ask the viewers?"

"But then the highly anticipated FNAF Wiki Battle Part 4 would be stupid and nobody would want to read Part 5!"

"You're right. If only we could interact with the readers somehow..."

"How about we invade other threads?"

"I WOULD like that, but no..."

"How about we leave a poll?"


So, what do YOU want to happen?

The poll was created at 23:59 on March 27, 2015, and so far 29 people voted.

Make sure to vote.

And don't be disappointed at this plz. I've really been running out of ideas.

K thx bai.

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