Green Creeper

aka Apple Sauce

  • I live in in my fictional world where I can do whatever I want.
  • I was born on October 30
  • My occupation is being (the only?) a user that constantly changes profiles.
  • I am shy and seldomly leaves messages to other people's walls, unless it's an emergency. Feel free to message me here! I'll respond soon as I can :D. Please, I'm lonely.
  • Green Creeper

    Note this is not canon.

    ~ BonBunny enters the chat. ~

    GottaGoFaz: So I was like, "Wait BB WTH are you doing?!"

    FreddieBear: Foxy stop that's not funny.


    BonBunny: Uh, Hello?


    BonBunny: ...

    FreddieBear: Hey Bonnie. Ignore Foxy, please.


    BonBunny: Where is everyone?

    FreddieBear: Everyone will be active so-

    ~ IH8Pizza enters the chat. ~

    ~ IsButterGold enters the chat. ~

    ~ Fredtoy enters the chat. ~

    ~ TooBlue enters the chat. ~

    ~ Beakless enters the chat. ~

    ~ I_T enters the chat. ~

    ~ SockMarioPet enters the chat. ~

    FreddieBear: Soon.


    BonBunny: Oh no not again...

    IsButterGold: Guys, I need something for the guard today. What should I give to him?

    Fredtoy: What? …

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  • Green Creeper

    Leaving for a 3½ days.

    November 29, 2016 by Green Creeper

    (Why did i made a letter)

    The Infinite BlogPost

    FNAF Wiki                

    November 29, 2016

    Dear Users,

    I will be leaving to Tacurong City with my classmate on November 30, 2016, at exactly 8:30 A.M. because I recently won a contest at a division schools press conference. I will be active as soon as I found WiFi there. If not, I'll go active on December 3, 2016. Your patience will be appreciated. 

    Your Fellow User,

    Green Creeper.

    P.S. Is my grammar bad?

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  • Green Creeper

    Im bored. I did something weird.


    Next will be FNAF WIKI appstore :P

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  • Green Creeper

    User Survival Guide

    November 1, 2016 by Green Creeper

    Please note that if the guide thingy based off from you, , offend you in any way, any place , any time, I'll say four words.

    I. Am. Very. Sorry.

    Hi! Welcome to the blog post where you can survive users from any kind. So uh, rules are just below.

    v v

    It is based off here .

    Leave a comment below if you want to be added, decreased, multiplied or divided, and I'll add you later.

    I can add alts and bots :P. and admins if they wanted to


    Chihuahua_Children : plz i want to be added

    Guide #6: Children with Chihuahuas look cute, but they have a dark secret.

    Let's start.

    1. Friendly Creepers are deadly for cat lovers than Normal Creepers. They explode when in contact with cats.

    2. A punch at this fella can break larged superglued branches from trees.

    3. Do…

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  • Green Creeper


    I have nothing to do here

    So how about a drawing request?

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