Hi Everyone, I'm Niko's Cousin, say, sometime we should all go bowling am I right?!

Pages, My cab driver, Mohammad, will take you there

Pages are like streets in Liberty city, You look at them, & look at them the next day, repeat. There some pages too choose from, my valued Cab driver Mohammad will take you there


"ok, Roman told me to take you to the pages on this wiki for something

"Ok then, NOW GET OUT OF MY CAB! I must get one of those tree-shaped air fresheners if I am going to be ferrying around people like you."

The people

Hey you back, want to go bowling? No? Ok then. Do you wanna see the staff? No? Too bad. I'll call niko, he'll show you around.


"hey, my cousin wants me to introduce the staff, here we go"

"here are the admins"

"ok, I'm going back to carjacking, goodbye"

How was your trip?

So, how was your trip? Was it good, was it bad? Anyways goodbye, Remember about going bowling

In case you didn't know