• GoodNightSweetFreddy

    Five Nights at freddys 3 is the bare exoskeleton Springtraps

    Hallucination in FNAF 3 - You see burnt like versions of the very first animatronic even though you have never seen them, and you can't see them in the box of head because they are all toy animatronics. Except Balloon boy.

    Quick simple things.

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  • GoodNightSweetFreddy

    Ok so i've mainly been remebering the "It's me" hallucination from FNAF 1 & 2, but what if the "It's Me" was saying it's all in your head.

    It's Me Hallucination - the reason it pops up as a hallucinations is to indicate all of the things happening around you is a hallucination, it's not real.

    The Animatronics, All of them - You are hallucinating that they are coming to get you,  You have created a situation of distress in your head from the articles you read.

    Murders - Yes there were murders, but you heard about the articles and you got yourself spooked when taking the job, resulting in your mind playing tricks.

    Marionette Music Box - You hallucinate it's a music box to distract a animatronic, but really it's just the phone. And the other nigh…

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