I am currently looking for people who would like to be a character in this series. If you'd like to be in it, let me know!


Golden Hybrid, the one who noscopes every living thing.

Soundwave, the random guy who stole Bonnie's bowtie but got killed by him (but it turns out he wasn't kill)

Kosh, the dude who gets rekted by everything but hasnt died cuz hes strong af

Chica666, the donut.

Droid, the one who wants to spread ass.

Aquua, or how she went by, Aqueer, the asslord who basically enslaved Droid to spread ass.

DMBY, the ceiling lord who smacked Chica.

Fem Kenny, the one who got smacked by Chica becos Chica thought she was DMBY.

Chris Cat, the cat who has 9 lives.

Fury, the taco warrior. He got rekted by Foxy because he felt like it.

Tsoru, the second taco warrior.

GTA Fan, the one who hijacks cars and runs them over.


Mangled, the main villain.

BTKB, Mangled's main slave.

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