DMBY suddenly turned around and managed to bite off Magled's frontal lobe.

"hello customer would you like some frontal lobe" DMBY said to Mangled.

"Y-yes" Mangled replied.

DMBY gave the frontal lobe to Mangled.

"NOW FUCK OFF" DMBY scared Mangled off.

Chris Cat appeared and jumped on DMBY's head "I have 9 lives" He said.

"No one cares. Literally" Taz said to Chris.

"Yea yea, alright Taz, no need to get so pissed" Waluigi said to Taz.

"No I will get pissed, that's my job" Taz replied.


Hybrid was teaching Ass Lord, Bacon Lord and a new character, Dark Chica, how to 360 noscope.

"So we spin around and then shoot, hoping to hit something?" Bacon Lord asked.

"Yea basically" Hybrid responded.

Ass Lord spun around and shot, hitting Enragement Child in the process.

"Your dead Balloon Bitch" Ass Lord said to EC.


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