After everyone said there little thingies to Mangled and BTKB, the two killed Tsoru and Droid.

You took 2 of my asses Aquua said.

Yep! H- BTKB suddenly got crushed by a huge piece of bacon. 

A door opened inside of the bacon, and outcame Jillips.7

Bitches, why did you leave me at the haunted mansion? Jillips said.

Because we did GTA Fanatic appeared and said that.

Ye rek em Soundwave responded.

Y'all shaddap, I'm the fast one here UltimateSonicGame suddenly appeared.

Don't forget the creepypasta lord Fox flames also appeared.

Asswipes, I have an epic sword Taz Da Wolf appeared.

Nubs, the Star is here Star the Adventurer appeared.

Puppetmaster is here MarionetteIsBae appeared.

Videogame master is here Az appeared.

Waluigi is here Waluigiofthegods appeared.

Okay ya nubs, where did y'all come from? Hybrid asked the lot before sniping Mangled, making her retreat.

Because we did Az told Hybrid.

Kay Hybrid responded.


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