While Hybrid was distracted, Mangled elbowed him in the face, sending him flying..But then, the entity that is Ben Drowned appeared and sent Mangled scurrying.

"Get up, Hybrid" Ben said.

"Who are you? And how do you know my name?" Hybrid responded.

"The name's Ben. Ben Drowned. I am a spirit that helps people like you. I know your name because I know everyone." Ben answered.

"Well, thanks for helping.." Hybrid responded.

"You are welco-" Ben was cut after being hit by a tank bullet. It was Mangled and her slave, BTKB.

"Time to behead!" DMBY swooped in and tried beheading Mangled but got his jaws snapped for his efforts.

"Weakling." Mangled picked DMBY up and forced him to watch her destroy his ceiling.

"I will noscope your candy ass if you don't let him go, you fucker" Hybrid said to Mangled.

"I will take your ass, because it is rightfully mine" Aquua said.

"I will blast your back open" Droid said.


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