(I decided to make it Bonnie vs all the Toys. Please do not complain)

Bonbon was left in P&S, where she was surrounded by Chica and Freddy.

"Bonnie told us he wants to kill you. We'll do it for him." The bear said to Bonbon.

"P-Please..Don't kill me.." The plastic bunny tried not to cry.

"Why shouldn't we? You hurt our friend's feelings horribly! You will die!" Chica electrified Bonbon using the wires coming from her arms.

"I-I can make it up to him!" Bonbon said in a horrified way.

"No point..We all hate you. You will die." Freddy and Chica got closer to her.


Bonnie and Toy Freddy embarked in a fight which ended in Toy Freddy being all smashed and broken.

"You stand no chance, you fucking fatass." Bonnie ripped Toy Freddy's head off it's socket, killing him.

"One down, 4 to go. Hehe.." Bonnie said.

" To be continued.. "

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